If you are pregnant and are looking for help, please call:

1-800-848 LOVE (5683)

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sarah's hope foundation
Wichita, Kansas

What We Do

Sarah's Hope is filling a need. We are reaching out to this woman. The TV ad lists our web page, which contains the national hot line 1-800#. When she calls this number, she will be immediately calmed down, and offered real help by being referred to the Crisis Pregnancy Center nearest to her.

How It Works

How do we know it will work? TV commercials have been credited for reducing abortions in other states. These respect life/respect women TV ads have been able to reduce abortions by 46.6% in Michigan, by 35% in Missouri and in Colorado (since they started in 1997) by 40%. 88% of women seeking abortions in the U.S. are between 15-34 years of age. Women 15-34 spend an average of 25.5 hours a week viewing television. Each of our commercials addresses women where they are. There are 50 Crisis Pregnancy Centers in the state of Kansas. Unfortunately a woman about to have an abortion doesn't even know they exist.